Iis Mariam - Registrasi untuk MICE

84 Tabel 4.4 Informasi yang diperoleh Manager Logistik POSITION GENERAL ROLE INFORMATION SENT TO LOGISTIC MANAGER Artistic Director Staging Manager Finance Director Volunteers Coordinator Promotions Manager Traders Managers Selection and negotiation with artists Selection of negotiation with subcontractors Overseeing budgets and contracts Recruitment and management of volunteers Promotion during the event Selecting suitable traders Travel, accomodation, staging and equipment requirements Sound. Lights and backstage requirements and programming time How and when funds will be approved and released and the payment schedule Volunteers selected to assist requirements of the volunteers (e.g. parking, free tickets) Requirements of the media and VIPS Requirements of the traders (e.g. positioning, theming, electricity, water, licence agreements) Sumber: Allen, Jhohny etc, 2002: 344