Iis Mariam - Registrasi untuk MICE

15 Menurut Carey (1999: 181) On-Site Registration adalah: “The time taken to process on delegate can be as little as two minutes if form have been filled in beforehand, otherwise the procedure can take ten minutes. There are several techniques to process large number of people swiftly and painlessly: a. Stagger coach arrivals so that no more than 50 delegates arrive simultaneously; b. Disspate the irritation of waiting by employing entertainment and offering like refreshment in the registration areas; c. Use a computerized form of scanning and badge production; d. Set up a ‘troubleshooting’ desk for any individual registration that is problematical; e. Provide alphabetised booths for registration and for collecting materials; f. Provide special desk for credit card payments; g. Provide separate desk or booths for the media, board remembers, speakers and VIP’s; h. Provide other services in the registration area, such as many exchance, dinner ticket sales, and souvenir sales. Sedangkan hal-hal yang harus dipersiapkan dalam melayani On-Site Registration adalah: 1) Meja untuk registrasi 2) Staf yang profesional dalam melayani peserta registrasi 3) Komputer dan printer 4) Mesin untuk pembayaran secara cash atau credit (Master Card, Visa Card atau ATM lainnya) 5) Ruang untuk pusat informasi 6) Formulir registrasi 7) Mendesain sistem registrasi